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Anonymous asked: How'd you meet your girlfriend? I want to hear the story behind your relationship.

I love getting to tell this story. (: 

I was just browsing lesbians on myspace and came across her page. I added her because I found her extremely attractive. Well not long later she added me on facebook because she found ME extremely attractive. Next thing we know we are texting each other on her friends phone because hers was shut off. 

We talked for about two days. Only at night. She kept telling me how she had been single and things for so long and that she was simply looking for someone that was truely amazing. We flirted but I really didn’t think much would come of it. 

We didn’t talk for a week or so after that. But one day I saw that her phone was back on, on facebook, so I told her she should text me. From that day forward we were texting every single day.

Eventually a girl that kept bugging me text me. She was always trying to get with me even though she had a boyfriend. Plus I was already extremely interested in Jeanne. I told her to text this girl and to tell her I was hers and to leave me alone. Jeanne continued to tell me how she didn’t want to be just friends. That was the night she asked me to be hers. I was so shocked and Jeanne was drunk so I honestly wasn’t sure if that was what she truely wanted. The next day I found out it was. 

A couple of days after that we started talking on the phone everyday. We would fall asleep on the phone together and wake up in the morning together. Then talk till she had to go to work. We also went on webcam every night. I knew I loved her a month or so into the relationship. We didn’t say it out loud though till we met for the first time.

Eventually I moved back to Indiana, where I was born. Four days later she drove six hours to pick me up. I stayed in Michigan for ten days. One night while we were laying in bed cuddling and almost asleep she whispered “I love you.” That was one of the best moments of my life. (:

I stayed in Indiana for about two weeks, once she took me home. I was back and forth between living with my grandparents and living with my mom. I wasn’t happy at all. Jeanne and I cried every day. Then one night I said fukkk it and the next day I moved to Michigan.

I have been here for three months. I’m working and we have been together almost eight months. And we have our own place. She is the most amazing woman in my life. She is funny, kind, caring, silly, loving, and perfect, for me! 

PS. For our four month anniversary she gave me the most gorgeous promise ring.<3